Graphic design for brands and weddings, powered by your unique story.





My services are centered around design for brands and weddings, where cultivating strong relationships is the foundation of each project. Making it my priority to understand the ins and outs of your business or story behind the love shared with your spouse lays the groundwork for me to tell your story the right way. 

First up, branding. We're talking about (much) more than a logo. Your brand is both the foundation and face of your business. Whether it's being seen for the first time and setting a first impression, or for the hundredth time while building familiarity and trust, it’s your chance to tell a story... A story that nobody can tell but you because no one else has walked in your shoes. And I'm here to help you with that. My services encompass the strategy that brings your brand to life through elements like a logo, color and typography so that you can connect with your ideal clients, leave a lasting impression and increase sales. 

Next, wedding services are treated similarly. Your wedding is like a brand especially for you and your spouse. (How cool is that?) Just like no two businesses are quite alike, the same goes for your relationship, and in turn your wedding. Invitations, table numbers and a personalized monogram are just a few ways to tell a very special story on a day you’ll look back on in the years to come.


Color Palette
Style Guide


Wedding Invites
Save the Dates
Table Numbers
Seating Chart

Need Something Else?

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please get in touch and describe the project you have in mind. I’d love to hear from you! While the packages outlined below cover branding and weddings, many clients request follow-up services like digital collateral or custom art. 




Branding Package

Your brand is both the foundation and face of your business, and it should tell the right story to the right people. This package includes the major components that make up a successful brand strategy, bringing it to life: Logo, color palette, typography, style guide and one piece of collateral of choice. (Collateral refers to business cards, notecard, letterhead + envelope, postcard, stickers, brand icons, Instagram template, blog template, and so on.)

  • 6+ Weeks

Web Package

If your successful brand is in need of a polished website to support it, this package is for you. Built using a highly customizable platform, Squarespace, your site will be fully responsive, professional and user-friendly. 

  • 4+ Weeks

Full Service Branding Package

This comprehensive option includes all offerings from both the Branding and Web packages, an excellent option for new businesses or those wishing to fully rebrand.

  • 10+ Weeks

Wedding Package

From invitations and table numbers to a personalized monogram and party favors, there are many opportunities to share your story and leave a lasting impression on your guests. When inquiring about wedding services, please describe the type of project(s) you'd like to discuss.

  • Timeline dependent on project type(s) and wedding date

Custom Art

I receive occasional requests for custom art ranging from large-scale installations to traditional paintings. Coming from an artistic background and being a lover of anything hands-on, I'm not one to turn away an opportunity to make something meaningful. 

  • Timeline dependent upon project

Something else?

Have something in mind but don't see it listed here? Don't give up just yet, I'd love to hear from you!


My Process


Whether your project falls under the category of branding, weddings or custom art, my simple yet thorough two-part process guides projects smoothly from start to finish. 


01. Discovery

We start with the Discovery Phase during which I ask a lot of questions and really dive deep into acquiring an understanding for the ins and outs of your project. I may softly introduce visuals during this phase in the form of a moodboard.


02. Development

Part two is the Development Phase, dedicated to pulling together the pieces from the Discovery Phase into a final product. There are concepts, revisions and final development as we work to achieve a finished product that tells your brand story, engages your audience, or captivates your wedding guests.