Palm + Pine

brand identity

You can find Palm + Pine Yoga Studio nestled between bluffs in La Crosse, Wisconsin. And while I can't take credit for the perfection that is the Palm + Pine logo, I was invited on board by Kat Soper, founder of Palm + Pine to assist the brand on its journey to connect with its audience in a holistic way – both on and off the yoga mat. 

One of the most important facets of Palm + Pine's brand is the emphasis on making conscious choices. We make choices every day, whether we want to or not. And by practicing yoga, one has consciously dedicated time in the day and space in the mind to channel intention through the combination of breath and movement. Where the magic happens is when this channeled intention continues off the mat into the choices we make when we walk out of class.

Palm + Pine's client base consist of humans who live mindfully, value community, and who believe that to make the world a better place they must begin with themselves. 

Check out the custom art for Palm + Pine over here.