Wedding Installation

custom art

With the exception of white spray paint to gain visual uniformity and string to hold it together, this installation was constructed entirely of paper towel and toilet paper tubes that were collected from office recycling bins, personal use, coworkers, family members and when the neighborhood kids caught on they pitched in too. The piece served as a cost-effective backdrop at our fall barn wedding, with a little extra meaning behind it. 

I consider this piece a continuation from a series completed in my final year of college. Inspiration for this series steamed from accumulated junk mail that had been piling up at my apartment; the act of repeatedly recycling stacks of these mailers morphed into a line of thought around the sheer amount of trash we create as humans. Even recycling must have its limits, the ultimate goal being to consume less overall. The series of work, including this one, illustrates the physical mass that results from an act as simple, necessary and repetitive as using the bathroom. And that’s just one facet of our daily life.