Inspirations: Winter 2019


May I just start by saying — this has felt like the longest freaking winter of all time. In a bite-sized attempt to appreciate the goodness that comes with the changing seasons we are blessed to experience here in the Midwest, I started a little gratitude practice to help me through the harder, colder times. Jotting down inspirations has helped distract me from subconscious complaints about winter that may be filtering into the back of my mind, and focus on the good that is present.

Because there are always good things, you just have to make time to see them.

If you’re like me and also ready to book the next flight to Belize, give this practice a shot. Make your own little list. What’s been inspiring you lately? While you’re cooped up in dry heat under a heap of blankets, remember the good news: It won’t last forever, and maybe in the dead of summer when it’s 1,000% humidity you’ll even miss it. (Ha. Ha.)

Without further delay, here’s what’s been inspiring me lately:

  1. BOOK — Georgia O’Keeffee Biography
    I have been sitting on this book for years. Like 8. I bought it at a rummage sale and forgot about it. I’m a believer that things happen for a reason, and as I’m now reading about the journey of Georgia’s life on her discovery of self and style, I’m finding some interesting correlations to my own journey. So many good quotes too — that Georgia is one inspiring lady.

  2. FOOD — Enchiladas
    Maybe it’s the gooey cheese, carbs (because winter) or spices to keep me warm, but all that matters is my enchilada game is getting strong. I started with a recipe from a friend, and with some online inspiration and my own touches, I’m pretty proud of my current enchilada status.

  3. MUSIC — Dead Horses
    Now that I know how incredible they are, I’m embarrassed to admit that Dead Horses weren’t even on my radar until I recently, spontaneously bought tickets to a local show. A group of awesome ladies in my friend circle were going, and honesty I only went because I wanted to hang with them. It was a win-win.

  4. SCENERY — La Crosse Bluffs
    While I have given up trying to take photos while driving to the grocery store, I’m still caught off-guard in wonder at the layers of blue that outline the horizon. Oh, and they change during sunrise / sunset. It’s pretty incredible.

  5. ART — Claire Provost
    I found Claire on Instagram. She’s an illustrator who, at the time I stumbled upon her profile, was in the midst of a daily challenge to complete one illustration a day using blue, yellow and red only. Her limited use of color caught my eye and inspires me to do an artistic challenge one day.

Now, I’d love to know from you! What manageable, bite-sized practices help you stay in the present? Please feel free to share in the comments.