New Work: Dixon Limos


Helen Dixon approached me in the beginning stages of her business’s development. While she was still working out the fine details, her goal was crystal clear from the start: To bring a higher standard of rentable transportation to the Madison, Wisconsin area. 

As a frequent customer of limo rentals for business and personal occasions, she was frustrated by the steep cost for poor service. She wanted better, so she made better happen. 

Looking for a brand and website, we started with an in-depth phone call to discuss components that would help build a brand strategy: Purpose, target market and competition. It was immediately established that Helen wanted to offer customers a high-end experience without burning a hole in their pocket. By a high-end experience she meant exceptional customer services and modern amenities. It was also important to elicit a bold personality, something that wasn’t really being done in the limo industry. Other companies were focused on marketing themselves as elegant and classy, and to Helen it was important to be those things, but to also be down-to-earth and reliable.

Keeping these things in mind, we approached branding by striving for a sleek, elegant aesthetic with modern touches and a bold personality. The goal was to attract an audience that desired high quality, without deterring a younger demographic looking for competitive prices. Next, a moodboard was developed to express the feelings we wanted to evoke, visually. 


The approval of her moodboard was my cue to move into the concept development phase. Our initial in-depth development of the Dixon Limos brand strategy helped us reach successful concept early on, although sometimes this process can take longer. The first concept came off a little too high-fashion for the desired brand, and we moved towards a more approachable option without sacrificing a bold, straight-forward personality.


The Dixon Limos brand demands attention without being flashy, and encompasses all of the important traits important to the business. 

Having completed her brand development, we were ready to move on to her website. Following along her brand’s desired path to remain approachable and straight-forward, it was important to Helen to make information, especially pricing, easy to find. She voiced her own frustration from renting limos in the past, explaining that she often had to send a request for pricing, which was followed by a waiting period. 


Helen and I have continued to collaborate on projects ranging from marketing materials like promotional postcards and brochures to large-scale design for her booths at expos and events. It’s been such an honor to watch her business grow as she gains traction in the Madison area!