Graphic design for brands and weddings, powered by your unique story.



The Studio

Rachel Wunsch Design is an individually-run studio focused on empowering businesses through meaningful and strategic brand design. Similarly, wedding couples seeking creative services can expect tailored results that embody their uniqueness and leave a lasting impression on guests. No matter the project, the goal is to tell your story the right way

You may be wondering why I service brands and weddings specifically. I have a pretty nifty answer for this, so here it is: When I freelanced as a jack of all trades, I accepted a wide variety of projects, some more fulfilling than others. When I rebranded and narrowed the scope of my business, I honed in on work I truly believed in — the kind that focused on storytelling, sharing something truly authentic. Considering brands and weddings, they equally desire to tell meaningful stories and that's where my heart feels all-in.

"Wunsch" translates to wish in German, and I totally think I lucked out on that one. What we wish for and how we envision our dreams coming to fruition are the seeds that make it a possibility. It's our starting point. What we do with that wish / dream / seed is up to us, and if you're reading this, I hope it's because you're looking for a way to make it come to life. 

As a business owner yourself, you're excited to share your ideas. While you deeply wish for your excitement to manifest into something visually stunning, you also need the outcome to be strong, cohesive and clear. You need your brand to drive your business and connect with your audience. Or you need visuals to encapsulate your wedding's personality.

Bringing your ideas to life should be an exciting journey, so while our goal is to craft the right message, it's also to enjoy the process. I strive to create an environment that results in an abundance of engaging and memorable ideas. As your guide from start to finish, you can expect close collaboration and a lot of communication.

Want to know what it's like to work with me? I share a bit about my design process here. Ready to tell your story? Get in touch



The Designer

Hi there! I’m Rachel, it's nice to meet you. I’m a Wisconsin-based designer with a true midwestern spirit. I thrive on simplicity, survive on organization, and seek out vibrant little details in all places — in nature, at the market, my parents' wallpaper... The painfully sentimental side of me can sometimes be a burden (fact: I’ve saved nearly every letter and card I’ve received in my entire life), but it's a quality that greatly contributes to my work and fuels my passion for storytelling through design.

My path on this creative journey has been anything but straight, and has made for a fascinating experience so far! Fresh off the ship of college, I dove confidently into corporate waters because it was the only path I knew. After years in a fuzzy, carpeted cube at a Fortune 500 company collaborating with wonderful people but feeling unfulfilled by the work, I took a new job at a company with a big creative team and open floor plan. While the change was refreshing, I still found my mind lost in thought between the hours of 9-5, namely on my freelance projects. 

Through a developing sense of awareness, I realized that working one-on-one with other passionate humans pursuing their dreams was where I wanted to be. That brings me to the here-and-now and I’m super fricken pumped to be living this creative life. 

My inspiration comes from no one particular place, but from the non-secret that life is short. Every single one of us has a different story to tell, and I love learning the details of those stories. It’s never too late or waste of time to write a letter on pretty paper, telling someone how awesome they are. Fall is my favorite season in all its crisp, autumn beauty, but you can’t beat spring when smells of dirt and rain are eminent. And even though my allergies are the worrrrst, seeing green appear in the form of tiny buds on sleepy branches sends my heart soaring. 

I believe in the beauty of slowing down. That being present is one of The Hardest Things. Good coffee is very, very important and so are donuts; neither last long enough. My last name means "wish" in German, rhymes with "brunch" and has been mispronounced my entire life. You might find me having silly conversations with my favorite people, losing track of time in a second-hand bookstore, hiking, or checking out the nearest ethnic restaurant. I cherish anything handmade and believe that the simple things in life are the best things. 




You believe in hard work, and that success is worth celebrating.




You know that there’s always more to something than what meets the eye. (Aka, the story behind it!)



You live mindfully and treat work-life balance as the beast that it is, deserving respect.



You're cool with chocolate before 10am, because some days are just like that.



You believe that being both kind and positive are super important. 



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