Wisconsin-based creative studio that helps businesses tell their story through graphic design and art.


Wisconsin-based creative studio that helps small businesses tell their story through a blend of custom art + graphic design.



german word for "to wish"


On a professional note / 
We wish for things to come true. This act of wishing lends itself to the concept of creating things and bringing forth a new reality. If you’re reading this I hope it’s because you’re ready to make your creative vision come true. 

On a personal note / 
Raised by parents of German heritage, I identify closely with my family name and its accompanying cultural exposure. For one thing, food is extremely important to us. (Meat, cheese, bread, pickled herring and dessert; YES.) I also like point out that Wunsch rhymes with “brunch,” which is awesome.




To help small businesses tell their story through a blend of custom art + graphic design.

Just like each of us, there is much that lies beneath the surface that shapes our story. Your business is no different, and has its own story unlike any other. I’m here to make sure you walk away with visual content to reflect that, setting you apart from others in your market and feeling the positive results of good design. 



Hey there! I’m Rachel, the artist and graphic designer around here. I serve small business and people with ideas — people inspired by their work. People who appreciate not just outward-facing visuals but the meaning behind them. I started my own design business so that I could interact with more of these kinds of people. If this sounds like you, we may work well together. 

Born and raised in Wisconsin, I believe that the simple things are the best things. Good coffee is very, very important and so are donuts; neither last long enough. My last name has been mispronounced since 1986, but the fact that it rhymes with “brunch” makes my day. Nothing can replace the value of spending time outdoors or with good humans. 

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