Cinnamon Applesauce (Week 4)

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After five and a half years together, I convinced Joel to go apple picking – a major victory for me. I kept my cool all the way to the orchard, but once we paid for our half bushel-sized bag and set out towards the trees, I was practically giddy. Joel described me as a 6-year old in terms of level of excitement. But that’s what fall does to me – the air, the smells, the colors… It’s too much!

I turned into a happy child frolicking through dewy morning grass. The sun happened to be shining that day too, and there was a new chill in the air for the first time in the season. I think it’s safe to say we were both feeling particularly energetic, refreshed and just happy to be outside.

I did a fair amount of apple picking growing up, also picking strawberries, sugar snap peas, pumpkins… Getting your hands dirty to pick something right from its source is somehow so refreshing in terms of perspective. I don’t know about YOU, but I absolutely take grocery stores for granted.

So with a half-bushel of apples in tow, turning a few into homemade applesauce was a no-brainer. I won’t lie to you, depending on how much you decide to make, this could tie you up the kitchen for hours… Peeling, slicing, coring and boiling. But for those of us who find this kind of labor to be therapeutic, it just makes sense for a day when you want to slow down. The smells of boiling apples and cinnamon are enough incentive for me.


– 10 Macintosh or Cortland apples / peeled, cored, sliced (the softer the apple, the smoother the sauce; choose accordingly)
– 2 c. water
– 1 c. brown sugar
– 1 t. cinnamon
– ½ t. nutmeg 

– Boil the apples and water for 10 minutes, or until apples are very soft.
– Stir in the sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.
– Heat to boiling again to incorporate all ingredients evenly.

Aaand, done. Enjoy warm or cold. Serving alongside vanilla ice cream doesn’t hurt.


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